Five Leaves

Five leavesBustling with people and delicious food! My friend told me that the late and talented, Heath Ledger, was a part owner to this place.

The menu is simple but when good food stands for itself, you don’t have to complicate matters… Do you? We went for breakfast and had the sage scrambled eggs. It was delectable! The eggs perfectly fluffy but creamy with parts of ooey cheddar cheese throughout. Sharp enough to distinguish but not so much that the egg gets drowned out. The bun the eggs were served on had a spread of this mayo-like concoction that added to the creaminess of the eggs.

It says panini on the menu but it resembled a crusty bun to me with the crunch and rounded crust with the soft bread on the inside. Served with homemade spicy tomato jam… It was perfect. I added a side of avocado while my friend got the side of kale. Both were great compliments to the sage scramble. You get the full avocado, lightly drizzled with oil and seasoned. The kale, perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned. They serve dinner too so hopefully I return one day again to make my tummy happy!

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