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Freshly made sandwiches, coffee and praline chocolate in a nice cool place. A great escape to the heat my friend likens to being in a hair dryer. 

The heat is thick in NY and I felt that right when I got off the plane… yikes! I was waiting for my friend in Aroma on the upper west side and thought to order a personal sized sandwich, a coffee and a ginger ale to a) satiate my hunger b) satiate the sleepiness and c) satiate my melting body. 

Let’s talk food… the grilled halloumi sandwich. Halloumi, the popular middle eastern and greek cheese comprised of goat and sheep’s milk, was introduced to me by an Australian friend but only by description. So I finally have the great pleasure of trying it paired with cream cheese, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. The combinations were so great. The halloumi definitely was crispy and soft from being grilled with a consistency much like Quebec cheese curds found in poutine. It was a generous helping of tomato rounds and I wish there was more lettuce and pickles. I like the cream cheese and thought it offered a different texture to the whole thing. The bread was pillowly soft and indicative of freshness… I could’ve just had bread and would’ve been happy.

I thought the coffee was pretty run of the mill. I will definitely admit that I am not a coffee aficionado and just like the taste. I like the complimentary praline chocolate that comes with it… probably because it’s complimentary.

All in all, it was a clean space, friendly and efficient staff with good food. You can’t complain. Happy eating!!! 

sandwich close up

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