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It’s not just a doughnut… it’s an oblong circular piece of fresh ooey gooey heaven! Step aside kiddies, this game is for the big leagues!

I have passed by this shop a few times and even came one time too late and found the doors locked. :( After, I got a request to review the place I finally decided to make my way after teaching a yoga class. In a way, I wish I didn’t because it is SO good that I know I will validate frequent visits by walking 12 minutes from the studio to Jelly… that’s not bad, right? Haha… At the end of the day though, if it can bring a smile to your face, then why not enjoy your life?

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Located on 14th ave and 8th street this cute little place definitely offers the chilled out ambiance to catch up on work, school, friends or all of the above over delicious bites. The staff is incredibly friendly and the place is nice and tidy and showcases the artisan doughnuts very nicely. I love their commitment to help the community… the doughnuts you see are fresh from the morning with all the 1-day olds going to the food bank and other local charities. In addition to that, good karma continues with monthly charities featured and supported. What goes around, comes around… in a doughnut. Har har har… but let’s carry on and talk food. 

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So where do you start? How do you pick? Of the 10+ offered, I was only able to try three… and if I had known how wonderful they would be, I would’ve ordered the 3 bite over the regular size (~1.5x larger than Tim Horton’s) so that I could have more! Next time, but readers… now you know. *pictured below lemon curd 3 bite size*

                 jelly lemon

Pictured at the very top are the two doughnuts I tried today… On the left is the Mayor Nenshi salted caramel and on the right is the season’s favourite, a delectable concoction of lemon/poppyseed/blueberry mix. The three bite is the lemon curd (unfortunately, no reference to gauge the size except for the display with the minis on the left). With the exception of four flavours (chocolate, coconut, maple bacon and flavour of the month), the doughnuts will vary every day of the week. Menu

The salted caramel. Incredible… an uncanny resemblance to the French butter salted caramels from Brittany I love so much. The cake is dense enough to give you bite but soft to yield to pressure. The salted caramel dipping is the absolute perfect balance between sweet and salty. Plays nice on the palate without being overly sweet which is a pitfall of many doughnuts you find in the city. 

Season’s favourite is one I hope will reappear on the regular menu. I don’t even know what it was called but it was a poppyseed doughnut which was crispy on the outside and super buttery soft on the inside. The doughnut is spilt in half and filled with crème chantilly with fresh blueberries sprinkled throughout. I squeezed the lemon slice over the top of my doughnut to give it citrus flavourings. This is so good and blows all conceptions and ideas I have of doughnuts straight out of the water. 

The lemon curd is delightfully tart but still sweet enough that your eyes aren’t watering with pursed lips. The curd is made on site and so creamy and playful in zing. The same dough for the salted caramel was used here and served well with such a creamy centre. Definitely, could have gone for the whole thing but happy to have only the 3 bite. Especially after having two full sizes. 

It is so good to the point of being ridiculous! I never knew what I was missing and certainly happy to have this establishment in Calgary as it serves as a nice treat that goes beyond expectations. Happy eating fellow caterpillars! 

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