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Ambiance, coffee, desserts, food and more… great! A review that is long overdue as I have been a happy customer for years! I started coming here when I was sitting and waiting in between teaching and for the occasional coffee date with friends.

Long time friend and resident of mission told me that their carrot cake was in fact one of the best in the city. I was more of a Good Earth Coffee carrot cake fan when it came to coffee shops. So I tried it out and since then have been hooked on it! I wish I had a picture but I seem to get too excited and eat it before I even remember to take a picture of it.

Most recently, I started going to Purple Perk for breakfast and pictured above is their guadalajara breakfast… a fluffy three egg omelette stuffed with delicious beans, salsa and sausage. Served with skillet potatoes tossed in a zippy BBQ sauce, four slices of buttered toast, guacamole and salsa. It is a big generous breakfast to be enjoyed over a lengthy period of time whilst people watching or in the company of good friends.


I love their salads and find the portions generous and the price extremely fair. Often times, coffee shops seem to overprice their food and Purple Perk definitely stands away from that. I can’t get enough of their salads and even though only two are pictured, I’ve had them all and love them all!

A great place to catch up on work, reading, studying and friends… filled with delicious eats and drinks! Don’t pass it up!

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