I’ve been meaning to go to Boxwood for quite some time and finally after meeting up with some friends for coffee we decided to enjoy the sun and stroll to Boxwood. It reminds me so much of New York and definitely offered the same relaxing vibe in the middle of the city. I was charmed by the decent sized restaurant set in the middle of Central Memorial Park with the sound of water fountains and the city sounds.

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We arrived early afternoon whichmeant that they had run out of a few items on the menu. I can understand that and at least know that they are offering quality versus quantity. And quality it is, with organic and local fare as much as the can… even with their own personal garden! 

So… I will definitely be back, especially since they have a rotating weekly menu. Armed with the company of really lovely friends we embarked on a delicious and slightly gluttonous afternoon… let’s talk about the grub now, shall we?

Our entire table of four ordered the same entree for lunch… the porchetta sandwich (*Pictured above). Porchetta… a filipino’s dream according to one of my friends, coincidently all filipinos. A succulent and savory spit fired piece of deliciousness with the meat, fat and skin properly in perfect ratio. This sandwich is certainly not for vegetarians or people who do not enjoy the fat with the meat… but if you’re like me and enjoy the occasional indulgence, then this is perfection to a tee when paired with a fresh house made ciabatta with a grainy mustard spread with apple and cabbage slaw. The acidity is a perfect balance to the generous portion of porchetta.

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Maintaining on the theme of good friends, good conversation with good food in a beautiful setting we embarked onto the dessert menu. They were all so delicious and I don’t believe it would be hard to “pick the wrong one”.

dessert 1

Pictured above is their Farm cheesecake in a cute little jar… a fun deconstructed way to eat a cheesecake. The tart cranberries on the top helped to cut through the rich creamy cheesecake on the bottom. With the crispy bits of hazelnut / oat granola on the top… it was perfect! While all the desserts were great… this one was easily the “winner” if we had to pick one.

dessert 2

They ran out of the other icecream flavours but the mint ice-cream sandwich was so perfect. The homemade cookie had a little bit of bit but definitely offered the luscious gooey cookie feeling. This reminded me of the childhood days of eating messy ice-cream sandwiches from the ice-cream van on a hot sidewalk. :)

dessert 3

If you have ever had the chance to have a Juliet Et Chocolat brownie in Montreal… I would say that this stands its ground alongside it. Sinfully rich and moist with the zing of raspberries. It was served slightly warm and this one small serving was certainly rich enough to satisfy the table. I couldn’t really pick up the caramel notes but the brownie certainly didn’t need to have that layer to make it delicious.

So all said and told… I am so happy that I finally got the chance to go here. It offers such a nice atmosphere that is lacking here in Calgary and will certainly serve as a romantic spot for lovers as well as a chilled place for friends to meet.

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