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Sushi Kawa

A friend introduced me to this place probably around 2005 and I have been a loyal patron since then… it is hands down one of my favourite sushi places in Calgary. Having lived in Japan for a year, I do find that this is the sushi that represents that cuisine the most. Japanese restaurants have exploded on the scene in Calgary over the course of the last 10 years. But here’s the thing… how many of these restaurants have certified Japanese sushi chefs? Sushi chefs in Japan do not just go on the job and it can take up to a decade to become a sushi chef. One of my friends in Japan said that in his first year, all he did was cook rice! We don’t find that attention to detail in most of the restaurants in Calgary. 

Needless to say, I am one of their biggest fans and will frequent that place at least once a week… if not two or even three. YIKES for the wallet!

I read some reviews that didn’t fancy Sushi Kawa and certainly sad to see that they did not have an enjoyable time because in over the last decade I have had nothing but stellar service and amazing food. I read a nasty review on Urbanspoon that complained about aspects of the restaurant that pertained to Japanese culture. I am sad to see the Japanese art, Japanese magazines and the Sumo go. But the food still stands for itself and am not too bothered about what a restaurant looks like. Although, the update to the decor is nice. 

In any case, pictured above is one of my favourite rolls. The Kamakaze roll made of spicy tuna with tempura bits. Not pictured is the Scud nigiri or sashimi… the same delicious concoction of spicy tuna and tempura. Certainly, not to disappoint. Pictured alongside on the left is the yam tempura roll and the dragon roll. The yam tempura roll, I will say is usually a little bit too al dente for me and while other may like the bite, I do like my yams cooked through to yield. The dragon roll is amazing good times of unagi, cucumber with a blanket of avocados and drizzled with unagi sauce. My mouth waters just thinking of it. The second picture on the right is one of their new rolls… Crunch dragon roll. Blending together shrimp tempura, unagi and avocado with wasabi mayo overtop. It is as delicious as it looks.

Don’t read into negative reviews too much… because those who have been to Japan will surely agree this is as close to the real deal as you can get without having to venture out to Vancouver or Toronto for that calibre. 

Bon appetit my fellow caterpillars. 


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