Sushi Ichiban

I’ve rushed past this restaurant on busy Macleoud trail numerous times. I recalled visiting it way back in 2005 (the year before I left for Japan) for their all you can eat sushi. I don’t recall being overly amazed at quality but also don’t recall being completely turned off.

In any case, between buzzing from class to class and studio to studio. I decided to meet up with the man to have their lunch special which I scoped out online.

The price is fair with lunch bentos starting at $10.95. They have a long list of menu items and you have your choice of two plus miso soup and salad. If you want to pick teriyaki steak or sushi, additional $0.50. If you want to pick sashimi, I believe it’s $1.00 extra. I believe the price is still fair especially given the portions. The yam tempura was 50% off the two days I went back. Making it only ~$3.

The service is incredibly fast and efficient. Near the end of our meal, we felt a bit rushed to leave. The restaurant was busy but not full with no line-up. It didn’t ruin the experience but felt uncomfortable after being asked ~5 times if we were done and wanted things packed up. I can only attribute it to how restaurants run in places like Hong Kong where people for the most part eat and want to leave. Not socialize. The temperature of the restaurant is pretty cold and my only real complaint would be that my food got cold pretty fast because of that. Maybe the Kate-o-pillar has to work on eating faster! Haha.

In any case, the tonkatsu was wonderfully fried without being too thick with batter. The teriyaki steak was incredible. Not pictured, but the second time back the chicken kushi was amazing with the tempura batter giving it a crispy texture. The sushi, soup and salad were pretty standard for lunch bento boxes… Actually, I would liken the quality and taste to that of Globefish minus the hike in price for their overrated sushi.

Would I go back? Yes, for a quick, easy, delicious and cheap lunch. :)

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