Overeasy Breakfast

Pictured above is the a delightful lamb burger served with their famous herbed potatoes and bean salad.

This new breakfast joint has certainly joined the ranks of one of my favourite places to go for early morning grub. This was actually the first time I deviated off their breakfast menu and into their lunch menu… I am a huge fan of their Soul in a bowl which is a delectable mix of herbed potatoes, bacon pieces, curds with two poached eggs served on top and drizzled with hollandaise (I just made myself hungry). *Do ask to get the soul in a bowl in an actual bowl… unless you like eating it out of a paper chinese takeout box. 

Cannot believe how wonderful this burger is. I am always quite cautious of getting lamb as I have yet to become accustomed to the sometimes gamey flavour. The patty is spiced with something akin to an Indian restaurant with a tangy yogurt tzaziki type sauce. I actually had to come back to order this because the first time I gobbled it all up and forgot to take a picture! 

Would highly recommend coming to this place but be sure to arrive early on the weekends or be prepared also to wait a worthwhile line for some good grub. 


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