Shikiji, a small restaurant tucked on the side of centre street and a hop, skip and jump from the transcanada highway… I’ve been coming here for years now. I wouldn’t list this as my “go-to” place for amazing sushi but I would list it as my “go-to” place for noodles ranging from soba, udon and ramen. I find it much better, actually way better, than Muku, Globefish’s second venture. 

The service has ALWAYS been amazing… always! In the years that I have been there, this has never changed. 

In terms of eating here at night, the prices go up substantially and while i wouldn’t mind paying but I don’t think the price matches the quality or creativity from places like Towa and Kawa (die-hard Sushi kawa fan). There have been only a handful of times I have come to eat here at night and usually it’s because a friend has chosen it. But, if I’m there for dinner, I will venture off their sushi menu and explore their other options like donburis and noodles. I do love their ten don and find the tempura perfectly cooked with the right amount of crunch. I’m still looking for the perfect katsu don that I used to eat all over in Japan… I still haven’t found anything similar but Shikiji probably has the version that looks like it at least. I’m probably much too picky and have glorified the authentic Japanese katsu don. Their noodles are spectacular and I would say this is their claim to fame! The udon, miso ramen and soba are wonderful. It’s the closest I have come to the noodles I’ve had in Japan in this city of ours.

There’s no hate for Shikiji of course… I am probably once or twice a month for lunch (sometimes more). It is the place to go for some of my co-working yogis after teaching given the proximity from Sanguine Yoga and Yoga Santosha. Their bento box is just about $12 for rice, miso soup, salad, two pieces of sashimi, two small sections of a maki roll and two pieces of sushi (salmon, tuna). While it’s not a lot, it’s enough and the quality is there as well as the convenience of the location. 

The rolls that I have ventured to get include the seasonal autumn crunchy roll which sports a tempura battered yam across the top, avocado and salmon (I couldn’t see or taste it). So for me, thumbs down on this roll… I will say however I am extremely bias and fiercely loyal to Sushi Kawa. I do love their calamari roll though… they have really perfected their deep fried items. It’s never too greasy, heavy, thick or soggy. So thumbs up for this one. The sushi itself is really fresh which I can’t say for other sushi places all the time… especially the bentos. Usually, I find restaurants will try to pawn off their old fish in the bentos which is definitely not appreciated.

So conclusion? 

I still go there… I like the convenience of the location… I like the freshness of the bento and I like their noodles. I would say this place is known for their noodles though and not their sushi. 

Bon appetit friends!!

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