A long time fan of Dairylane, located in Hillhurst on 19th street and 3rd ave. During my days in the lab I often came here to take extended lunch breaks with fellow lab rat friends. Be prepared to arrive very early on the weekends or to wait 15 - 30 minutes for a table if you sleep in. The wait staff and the food is always exceptional! You can enjoy a coffee while you wait for your seat and enjoy conversation with your friends or catch up on some reading. Full parties must be there to be seated or you run the risk of losing your table to the one after you. 

Let’s talk food… pictured above is the breakfast burrito with the option of breakfast sausage or spicy chorizo to be added (I opted for the latter). The hash browns that come with it are great, I just wish there were more of them. 

I’ve had their carribean jerk vegan scramble after watching many people get it over the course of two years and finally decided to have it. I was pleasantly surprised that the vegan counterpart to the other breakfast options was just as tasty. You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy it and would suggest that everybody give it a go.

While the eggs benedict is good, I wouldn’t say that it’s my favourite thing to get at Dairylane. It doesn’t really stick out in my mind as something memorable.

However, what *IS* memorable to me and one of the reasons I keep going back is because of their burgers. They are absolutely amazing… while it is no longer offered, their three cheese pork burger used to be my absolute favourite! Their milkshakes are great and even good to share between two people as it is both rich and generous in portion. 

The prices run the same as other breakfast joints around town… $13 - 15 with coffee at ~$3. While the price is a bit higher, it’s also on par with the other peeps. 

In any case, enjoy the eats peeps!!!

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