The Coup


More specifically… The Coup white chocolate cheesecake

It is my absolute favourite and I love how each time you go, it’s always going to be a surprise. You always have the white chocolate cheesecake base but from there the chefs get creative and change it up. 

I was hooked the first time with their blueberry white chocolate cheesecake with what seemed like honey drizzled over the surface. It was perfection down to the creamy texture and the perfect crunchy crust and while I’ve been waiting for it to come back again I have not had the luck to run into it again. I’ve also had strange flavours like their chocolate balsamic version with chocolate balsamic reduction drizzled over and garnished with a mint leaf. While this one was not quite to my liking, I have to commend them for thinking outside the box and trying two combinations that don’t typically go together. Their Saskatoon berry edition was also quite nice (berries and cheesecake are always good) but found it made the cake a little more on the wet side. I’ve also had the chocolate chip variation which is pretty plain but pretty good too. I’ve had their creme brulee once and believe it was lavender creme brulee but was disappointed for the first time when it came to desserts there… the portion was tiny (points for creativity in serving it in a tea cup though) and my main complaint was the creme brulee was seemingly cooked too quickly, didn’t have sufficient water in their water bath, didn’t get even heating (tea cup) or got contaminated with egg whites because it was really lumpy instead of the smooth luscious custard typically found under the shell of caramelized sugar.

I’ve also been in to get their messy janefalafel quesadilla, dragon bowl as well as rabbit pâté and yam fries paired with an iced maple macha. While their vegetarian fare has wonderful taste and variety for meat eaters, I would say that the prices are definitely a little bit more for what you get. I’m happy with what I order when I eat there with the falafel quesadilla as my favourite to order it is definitely the white chocolate cheesecake that continues to bring me back to The Coup.

A friendly note to you… they get quite busy and if your entire party is not present, your name is skipped and the next group will get your table. So to your tardy friends, tell them to show up on time! You can of course, always head into Meet, which offers The Coup appetizers, drinks and desserts while you wait for a table.  

Have fun! Bon appetit fellow hungry caterpillars! 

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